Ozone C4 - Demo

by: Ozone

15-Day Demo Home Trial on the Ozone C4. Your terms, Your time, Your beach. 

@ Wet Feet Sports focus on what matters most, being out in the water

All of our demos have limited use so you can have a  experience the gear at its best.

You have the choice to Demo a brand new kite for a premium deposit. The benefit of new demo gear is that  if you like it you keep it. Of course there is always a chance to get a new set with the colors your want. 

In order to keep the kite or receive a new one full payment is needed by the end of the 15 day trial period. Just email demo@wetfeetsports.com to arrange the transaction.

*Please read the Demo Terms and Conditions for further details.


The latest generation of C4 brings a fresh new look along with refinements to each size. We have had amazing feedback from riders all around the world, so what we wanted to offer was a similar kite yet refined for improved freestyle & wakestyle performance. We have fine tuned each size individually offering riders similar performance and feel they have come to know of the past C4 generations. The aspect ratio has been modified throughout the sizes to give the kites a better low end and more solid power during pop and release. We have brought the feel of the entire size range closer together, slightly slowing down the smaller sizes and speeding up the larger sizes for better freestyle riding. The new C4 continues with our Variable Bridle Geometry system, offering two “feel” settings. The system is simple, takes about 20 seconds to change and doesn’t involve adding or taking away any lines. The rider shifts the middle bridle lines up or down on pigtails to change the feel of the kite > Torrin Bright – Ozone Global Team & Test Rider.

Type: Kiteboarding

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