Slingshot Turbine 17M Light Wind - Demo

by: Slingshot

15-Day Demo Home Trial on the Slingshot Turbine LW kite. Your terms, Your time, Your beach. 

@ Wet Feet Sports focus on what matters most, being out in the water.

All of our demos have limited use so you can have a  experience the gear at its best.

You have the choice to Demo a brand new kite for a premium deposit. The benefit of new demo gear is that  if you like it you keep it. Of course there is always a chance to get a new set with the colors your want. 

In order to keep the kite or receive a new one full payment is needed by the end of the 15 day trial period. Just email to arrange the transaction.

*Please read the Demo Terms and Conditions for further details.

The number one way to increase your time on the water is by extending what conditions make kiteboarding fun. The Turbine can be combined with a Competition Race board, surf boards or a Glide for mind blowing speed, power, upwind and downwind performance. Bottom line is this kite increases the fun factor and time on the low end of the wind range. The Turbine is the perfect example of the way we build, the way we ride and the way we live. Its our commitment to the core!

Kite Package Includes: •17m Turbine Kite •Comp Stick Control Bar •Kite Backpack •Jena J XL Double Pump •Kite Patch Kit, CSS and Butter Box Bungee •Turbine Quick Start Guide •Lifetime Rider Service Hotline Support

Type: Kiteboarding

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