Reedin SuperWing

by: Reedin

2021 Reedin SuperWing

The Reedin SuperWing is the result of dozens of prototypes and was designed to provide the most stable and the most power per square meter possible. The design’s objectives focused on stability, power and forward drive, this was achieved thru a specific Arc shape for stability, a stiff frame for direct response and a wing that naturally flairs out in order to fly forward as soon as the wind flows thru. The unique seams construction provides exceptional control of the profile, tension and stretch of the canopy, making a wing that very simply performs better than any other.

Creator Damien Giradin says...

"I have been designing wings since pretty much day one of the sport, I have made over 100 designs to get to the point we are now, which means that the SuperWing is a very mature product already.

The SuperWing will amaze you with it’s power per sq meter, it’s direct power delivery will make pumping extremely efficient and more importantly will make your first session so much easier than less efficient wings. For the same reason, when you’ll get better at winging, you’ll also be impressed with it’s capacity to jump.

Downwinds and wave riding are also amazing on the Superwing because the wing had very little flutter when hold neutral and thanks to it’s arc is very stable so you can easily hold it from the Front Leading Edge handle and it will simply stay there letting you focus on your riding. Finally when you’ll want to go back upwind you’ll be impressed to see how easily you’ll be flying back upwind"

Key Features

Unique features that make a difference.

  • Twin Windows
Made with army grade clear material. Light, durable and weather proof, can be folded with confidence and most importantly does not modify the riding characteristics thanks to the weight and stretch of the window material being very close to the one of canopy material.

  • Wide and stiff handles
In order to easily adjust your hands position, covered with soft and comfy neoprene sleeves that can easily be replaced. Wide handles allow for easy positioning off your hands in order to adjust to the wind force.

  • Double one pump hose
For faster deflation of strut. Hoses are located in the very front of the strut to also act as a lock for the strut bladder to prevent unwanted movements of the bladder when the wing is deflated.

  • LE construction
With new internal reinforcements at struts and bridles for an even more durable kite.

  • Stiff Leading edge
For direct and efficient feel.

  • Canopy built under tension
For the most stable profile and wing, this provides a very direct feel when riding and also ensures a very stable ride in both “matador” style riding when you simply hold the wind in the wing using the front handle and riding position.

  • Bowed out Leading edge curvature
The slightly flatter arc ensures maximum projected surface area for maximum efficiency, while the bowed out shape provides a very stable platform.

  • Convex center strut
The convex shape provides not only a more ergonomic position of the rider, but also a much stiffer strut, because the the handles load is then less transversal to the strut than a straight or concave strut.

  • Vertical tension seams
Canopy seams are running vertically along the wing, each seam rigidifies and takes on most of the load, this provides a stiffer canopy that will have minimum deformation while riding and over time.

  • Neoprene patches
Under each LE handle we added Neoprene patches to prevent rubbing of your knuckles against Dacron or stitches.

Type: Foil

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