Lift Surf/SUP Foil

by: Lift


Lift is proud to introduce their new one-piece wing designs that offer superior strength and performance. The wing serves as a critical component in the stability of the foil at any speed. Each lightweight wing is specifically engineered, made of high-performance carbon fiber, and is a modular one-piece designed to fit all Lift Foils Struts.  Each wing includes a custom Lift wing bag, 1 Lift Sticker, 1 hex key and 2 screws.

150 - The 150 offers a strong and stiff design for staying in the "energy pockets" and carving sharp turns, clean, fast and with efficient glide.

170 -  The 170 wing maximizes speed, and minimizes drag to move faster through the water to connect multiple waves and carve sharper turns.

170 Fish -  Maximizes lift at lower speeds, wing tips drown down and smaller back wing takes stability from the wing but adds maneuverability for sharper turns.

200 Glide - Our 200 wing maximizes lift and stability at lower speeds, making this wing much more forgiving and ideal for connecting waves or pumping back out.

When ordering specify which strut size:

24 - The "24-inch" strut is great for beginners or riders looking to
throw down aerials and tricks.

28 - The "28-inch" strut is our most popular strut size which gives you room
to elevate and carve sharper turns.

Struts are also available in 32", 36" and 40" but are generally used for kitesurfing and a smaller 110 wing.

Type: Foil

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