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by: Cloud 9

Cloud 9 appreciates its supporters staying loyal to the foil and has been hard at work for 2019 hyper focused on creating and riding the best gear. Cloud 9's goal has always been to produce the highest quality surf foils that perform in the surf, turn smoothly, remain stable, and have a comfortable lift . . . resulting in the X Series.

The X Series Carbon foil package includes a travel case, 30” Solid carbon mast with integral baseplate, 29” carbon fuselage, carbon construction 14” tail wing and your choice of carbon construction front wing. All required hardware setup, instruction sheet and warranty card.

The X Series Hybrid foil package includes a travel case, 27” aluminium mast and baseplate, 29” carbon fuselage, hybrid construction 14” tail wing and your choice of hybrid construction front wing. All required hardware setup, instruction sheet, and warranty card.

The X Series includes four newly designed wings in two different constructions, all carbon and a carbon/fiberglass hybrid, each with reduced drag profiles and increased lift. The X Series Surf Wings have all been designed to be exceptional carving wings in surf. Both constructions work great, and we have yet to notice a perceivable difference when riding. They both have a polyurethane core with wrapped prepreg glass and/or carbon fiber. Cloud 9 chose to use a prepreg material in order to decrease weight and increase strength. The X Series wings are made in a mold and heated in a pressured curing oven (autoclave), which preserves the integrity, shape and strength as resins can behave differently with respect to temperature and humidity. The Carbon construction is stronger, stiffer, lighter and more impact resistant than the hybrid series. The Hybrid construction uses less carbon, is slightly heavier, and is more cost effective to produce. The X Series hydrofoils all come with the same 14” tail wing designed specifically for carving turns in the waves. The construction process is the same as the front wings, but without the foam core. These are 100% solid carbon.

In order to use one tail wing, Cloud 9 has designed performance tail wing shims to balance and/or counter the forces created by the front wing travelling through the water. We recommend the shims as outlined below. For the advanced rider, adding or subtracting a shim depending on surf conditions will change the lift dynamics of the front wing.

Cloud 9 has created two new fuselages - one for our carbon mast and one for our aluminium mast. Their main goal was to create a stronger and stiffer fuselage with less drag, no interior voids, and a wider, flatter connection to the wings. These new carbon fuselages are sleek in design and have 50% less drag than last year’s model. A stiffer connection between the board and the wings creates a much more positive feel, allowing the rider to feel the wing and to ride with more finesse and precision. Both these fuselages feature 3 tail wing positions. Simply by moving the tail wing forward or backward you can change the performance characteristics of the foil. When the tail wing is set furthest back it will provide
increased pitch stability and less maneuverability (this is the ideal setting for beginners).

The Carbon X Series has a 30” solid carbon tapered mast, weighing in at five pounds (same weight as the current 27” aluminium mast) and is made up of 78+ layers of high quality unidirectional prepreg carbon fiber, with 2 layers of twill carbon to keep it looking pretty on the outside. It is certainly one of, if not the stiffest mast on the market. This allows for direct input and with a very positive feel.

Each Hybrid foil set includes an aluminium mast. Our anodized black military grade aluminium 27" (68cm) mast includes 8" Solid 6061 insert at top of mast. This mast can also be ordered in 20” and 32” lengths.

This chart is a rough estimation, based on our testing, of what size wing our beginner foilers should ride. Experienced riders may want to ride bigger or smaller wings depending on what they are trying to achieve.

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