Electric Kiteboarding Kite Pump

by: ODL

We were absolutely shocked at how well our new automatic electric kiteboarding pump works. Just set the desired PSI setting, plug the nozzle into your kite valve and press the on button. In a few minutes your kite will be inflated with the exact amount of air you desire. We were able to pump a 12 meter Slingshot RPM one pump to full pressure in just 3 minutes. This Italian made pump is made specifically for kiteboarding kites. It can inflate your kite up to 12 psi and has a rechargeable battery with a 20 minute life span so you can pump up multiple kites or help your buddies. If it runs out of juice you can plug it into a car lighter or wall outlet. If you have a long drive, using the car charger on the way to and from kiting can keep it always juiced and ready. It has two modes that work together automatically. First it blows with high volume fan and low pressure for quick filling then when it senses pressure it automatically kicks into a piston mode to achive higher pressures. Comes with a heavy duty inflation tube, multiple couplings for common valves, car charger, WALL CHARGER and water resistant carrying case. Our first shipment pumps sold out in only a few days. Order now and be the first at your kite launch to have an automatic electric kiteboarding pump. Comes with a one year domestic warranty and two years from the Italy site. After the warranty expires Wet Feet is the authorized US repair center with a full stock of spare parts and can fix any problem for $30 to $50.

Type: Kiteboarding

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