NSI Reel Leash

by: NSI

The Reel Leash attaches to the webbing strap on any harness. The lightweight plastic housing contains a stainless steel spring and spool of webbing with a brass snap hook. This hooks to a short bungie, which is then attached to the board. The Reel Leash is safer than traditional tubular leashes, because when separated from the board, the board will safely fall away from the kiter. This releases the webbing out 10', with enough torque from the spring system to control/eliminate slack and to prevent the board from slinging and shooting back toward the kiter. When riding and jumping, the leash webbing stays coiled away in the housing and out of the way. Reel Leash won't drag in the water, wrap around the kiter or board, or get caught between toes or under the feet while moving around on the board. The latest, more durable version of the Reel Leash is designed and tested to address the strong angular pulls and drags of beginners. The addition of a base plate and stainless steel eye bolts adds strength to the unit. And now both units allow for the users to reload a new leash strap into the unit when the original strap wears out.

Type: Kiteboarding

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