Ozone Zephyr

by: Ozone

The Zephyr allows me to ride when I should be mowing the grass, but I need my fix. Call me crazy, but I love to learn new unhooked tricks on the Zephyr in light winds. It pulls like a boat, remains stable when you miss a pass not looping you off down the beach. When you blow a trick and the kite ends up on the water, it still amazes me that it relaunches effortlessly even in sub 10 knot winds! If you dial a trick on a 17m you’re away laughing once the wind picks up and you’re throwing down on your 10m C4. Cruise around, run a muck… spray some paddle boarders, you know the saying… Historically big kites didn’t loop, the Zephyr has got this sorted without the need for troublesome pulleys. If you’re out there and the wind picks up, no worries, continue to load that rail and boost some air. Long live the stylish boned out snowboard grabs. Enjoy that extra loft and chuck in a vert-skating board off > Hugh Pinfold – Ozone Products Designer.

Type: Kiteboarding

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