Reedin Flight Attendant Foil

by: Reedin

  • 2021 Reedin FlightAttendant Complete Foil - 

    Includes: 5x T-nuts with 25mm Torx screws, 11x 25mm Torx screws, 3x 16mm Torx screws, Torx tool, Front wing cover, stabilizer cover, mast cover, accessory pouch, silicon tube for minimal oxidation at screws

    Easy, fun and efficient

    An amazing mix of low end performance, easy turning, easy pumping and high speed control. Thanks to hours of computer simulation, design and testing, the FlightAttendant totally exceeded our expectations and ended up being the easiest yet highest performance foil we ever tried! We came up with a unique outline and profile that proved to give the best of low speed take off, stability and high speed riding with maneuverability.

    Wing Sizes

    Flight Attendant wings are available in two sizes: 1280 cm2 and 1880 cm2 all compatible to the 75cm mast.

    1880cm2 is great for underpowered & light wind Wingriding. It is also ideal for beginners and allows you to make progress fast. In case you are a bit more heavy the 1880cm2 wing is ideal for low-end days.

    Designer Notes by Damien Girardin

    Designed with ease of use in mind, the profile, outline, twist and taper have been developed in order to allow for great stability, efficiency, easy take off at low speed, and superior maneuverability while still allowing for impressive performance over a very wide range of speeds.

    The Wing tips are curved up in order to keep ventilation from moving up the rest of the wing when getting close from the surface making the FlightAttendant extremely forgiving. The Front wing and Stabilizer are perfectly complementing each other allowing for a short fuselage that result in a foil that is amazingly stable yet very easy to maneuver.

    The overall Outline and perfect matching of front wing / stabilizer profiles and angles will amaze you with the ability of the FlightAttendant to pump from one wave to an other.

    Construction Features

    • High Aspect for lateral stability and low speed performance
    • Thin profile for high speed performance
    • Short fuselage for maneuverability
    • Tips curved up to keep ventilation in the wing tip for a clean waterflow
    • Hyperstatic quadruple screws front wing connection for superior rigidity resulting in a very direct control from your feet to the foil
    • Smart plate design for maximum rigidity and minimum weight: The mounting plate has the material focused only where needed, taking the load from the mast directly to the head of the screw, for stiff yet light connection mast/board.
    • Screw grooves in Mounting plate allow you to leave screws in your board and simply slide the plate out of the board.
    • Only two type of screw sizes: 25mm for T nuts, Mast, and front wing and 16mm for stabilizer, making assembly and maintenance simpler
    • Pre preg Carbon front Wing and Stabilizer
    • Lightweight anodized mast and fuselage

Type: Foil

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