by: Takuma

With exceptional glide, speed control and maneuverability, the PROFOIL foil has been designed to be the most efficient downwind foil on the market!

Designed by Foil Master Laurent BORGNA in New Caledonia, LOL FOILS are a game-changing evolution in the foiling world !  

Amazingly easy to operate and super stable, the LOL FOIL is the ultimate performance and user-friendly hydrofoil available.

This foil is made for very fast take-offs and the best gliding flight you'll find. Adding winglets allow the wings to be more efficient at creating lift and reducing drag.

The LOL comes in three sizes with in either full carbon or aluminum/carbon where the mast and fuselage are aluminum and the wings carbon:

Size Front Wing Span Front Wing Chord Front WingArea Stabilizer Wing Span Stabilizer Chord Stabilizer Area
1300 790mm 210mm 1300cm2 380mm 85mm 270cm2
1600 865mm 245mm 1600cm2 430cm 85mm 300cm2
1900 1030mm 250mm 1900cm2 430cm 85mm 300cm2

    Type: Foil

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