Stretch Tow-in Board

by: Stretch

Stretch says: With the high speeds these boards are meant to perform under, flex becomes uncontrollable and sketchy. We build our boards with 3 layers of structural foam and a carbon fiber internal frame. This makes the board very strong with torsion and flexural values being very little to none. We vacuum press the cores together and then hand shape the rails, bottom contours and fine details. Outer skins are then vacuum bag laminated onto the board before it gets sanded and then painted. The construction we developed for these boards allows us to build them 1 ¼” thick, thinner than any other tow-board. This lowers the center of gravity while affording the rider to smoothly penetrate the water. Our rocker for the tow-in board was highly influenced by our windsurfers, where both types of boards show urgency in utilizing and maintaining high speeds. The core in these boards is always pressed before it is hand shaped so that we consistently achieve an extremely accurate rocker. The full tail on these boards allows the rider to surf with the rear foot closer to the tail. By utilizing an efficient surface area in the rear of the board, one can surf faster without the lack of stability and still turn like a shorter board. All of our tow boards come complete with the external weighting system for the varying conditions found in huge surf. By building the boards as light as possible and then incorporating modular lead weights to the center of effort (between the rider’s feet), the board is allowed to react much quicker to dynamics in the wave face. This gives the rider a smoother ride and the feel that a light board would have while riding in much more powerful conditions. Tow boards come as a 5-fin for quad or thruster setup fully equipped with pads, straps, weight, custom color and Stretch fins.

Type: Tow-in Surf

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