Kaohi INVIS Leash

by: Kaohi

The INVIZ Leash™ is a hybrid leash made of high strength polyurethane coil + marine grade bungee (dyneema style), an innovative design inspired by down winding experts in Hawaii, California, Texas, Oregon, Australia and Japan.  

Designed for an optimal combination of lightness, stretch and strength, the Inviz Leash delivers for a quiet foiling experience that feels like you’re not even wearing a leash. “INVISIBLE”

What makes the INVIZ Leash a Hybrid?

  • COIL:
    the 7mm polyurethane coil section is close to the cuff or belt, and it's small enough to git the stretch you need, but have minimal swing and weight

    the dyneema-style bungee section gives lightweight length with strength and is silent on the board... no clunking noise when pumping or connecting bumps

  • NO RAIL SAVER needed: the bungee threads through the leash plug, adding to the sleekness of design

  • 3 Connection Options:
    choose a belt connection (carabiner or soft hook & loop) or a calf cuff, all of which minimize contact of your leash with the board 

Other specs: Approximately 4' total length (un-stretched); 7mm coil; 4.5 - 6.5 oz weight depending on connection style.

Almost light as a feather - about half the weight of most leashes

US Patent Pending

While the goal was to create the ideal Down Winding Leash for advanced riders, the INVIZ Leash also has potential for use Wing Foiling or SUP Foiling. For heavy conditions, consider using the Kāohi 8 mm Double Coil or Continuous Coil Leashes.

Type: Foil

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