Kaohi Leash

by: Kaohi

Kāohi is Hawaiian for control.
-The "New" Kāohi Grip Leash™ gives you single-handed control of your surf board while in the whitewater.
-The Kāohi Grip Leash™ includes the Kāohi "GRIP" that acts as a Rail-Saver Handle...it's always in perfect position to grab with one hand or two.
-The Kāohi Grip Leash™ enables you to keep your board close to you in-between sets and in whitewater, helping you to avoid others in the water and safely return to the line-up. Let your Kāohi Grip Leash™ do its job!
-Also available without Grip for small prone foil boards.

Kāohi Grip Leash™ Overview:
    • Made for foil boarders, paddlers, SUP surfers and racers
    • High quality, heavy duty construction
    • Neoprene covered "GRIP" handle for comfort and control
    • Soft neoprene cuff 2.0"
    • 100% marine grade 316 Stainless Steel double swivels
    • "Pro-Grip" hook and loop closure
    • Designed in the USA
    • US Patent 10,737,750 B2
    Available in 4 Double Coil Coil Leash Options:
    5' - 8mm Coil Ankle (with Grip)
    5' - 8mm Coil Calf (with Grip)
    5' - 5.5 mm Coil Ankle (no Grip)
    5' - 5.5 mm Coil Calf (no Grip)

    Type: Foil

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