ODL Quad Kite Surfboard

by: ODL

OffDaLip has put much R & D into this dedicated kite surfboard testing it in the world class conditions of Hawaii. The dimension are 5 foot 10 inches by 18.5 inches wide by 2 inches thick with a flatter rocker to eliminate bounce. Features a high density PU blank to prevent heel denting with epoxy layup for strength and durability that is ultra strong but still light in weight. To make in ultra bombproof or for the green look choose the wood veneer option. The flatter rocker and single concave bottom make the board very fast but still for loose due to the quad fin setup. Hard driving bottom turns and snaps off the top are what this board was made for. Comes complete with Future Vector II fins, Da Kine staps and Da Kine front and back traction pads.

Type: Kiteboarding

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