Smartphone or Tablet Waterproof Case


ALOKSAK provides technological solutions to the most common and important problems associated with storage, transport, and safekeeping. The Leakproof products offer unparalleled water-tightness in a recloseable cost-effective bag. ALOKSAK is protected by four patents covering the materials, the closure, and the manufacture of the finished product. Used by: The Boy Scouts of America, Army Air Force Exchange Services, FEMA and the FBI Hazmet department. Easy to use - Simple as using a typical zip-closure type bag, but the liquid tight protection of a hard case box . Other soft-sided systems require several steps to close and are not guaranteed to be air or liquid-tight. Durable - The 6 mil. film of the ALOKSAK is on par with PVC of the same thickness in terms of durability, but has a lower cold-crack tolerance (minus 40 F) than that of PVC / Vinyl (0 degrees F). Most electronics can be used while protected in the ALOKSAK. No need to remove a cell phone to talk and if the bag drops, it floats! Choose either the 3.37 x 6.67 Smartphone size or the 8.37 x 11.37 Tablet size.

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