Takuma eFoil Board

by: Takuma

Discover the unique feeling of flying above water with in three adaptive boards for all levels. Thanks to innovative shapes whatever your level you will be able to quickly enjoy your first flights above water. Takuma eFoils are the first electric foils accessible to many. R&D teams work everyday to allow Takuma products to offer you an exceptional experience from beginner to expert. The unique propulsion system has been designed to give riders the ability to fly above the water in complete safety. The remote controller was developed with BB Talkin, specializing in action sport intercoms. The remote is very easy to use. With its quick kill switch security system, It helps you to feel safe and how easily you can use the product, from the first ride. On water, battery life is from 70 to 90 minutes. An innovative eFoil cooling system, allowing for an optimal management of the electric system temperatures. It is also an easy switch from electric mast to classic mast making it a multi-use board.


Acccess 6'4" x 30" x 150L

The eFoil Access is the most accessible on the market. With an innovative shape and a size agreeable with most body types, it’s designed to make this new discipline as accessible as possible and it suits beginners really well. The combination of a short mast and a large wingspan makes for easy low speed takeoffs. 

If you’re an eFoil beginner, we recommend this eFoil which is used in flat water. Its front wing (1900 cm2), offers a very good stability and a lift perfectly suited for first time riders. It’s not adapted to riding in the swell, its lift would then be too strong.

The eFoil Access offers a smooth glide and a safe flight for everyone. It’s the perfect eFoil for beginners, schools and rental centers.

Cruising 6'4" x 30" x 150L

The eFoil Cruising offers effortless glide and accessibility to fly for all.

Its short mast combined to the large wing surface guarantee an easy takeoff at low speed.

If you’re athletic and/or you ride in the sea, we recommend this Efoil. Its smaller front wing surface (1600 cm2) makes it more responsive but also more stable in the swell.

Carver 5'3" x 28" x 120L

The first eFoil of its kind on the market. Smaller board and wing (5’3” and front wing 1300) allow for hard carving at a high speed : it’s the perfect gear to carve with. With its 60cm mast, it gives you the opportunity to foil very comfortably in strong swells and to make sharp turns.

Its board being both compact and with a high volume, the Carver is accessible and performs really well, with an excellent responsiveness underfoot to your every move. It completes the Takuma line with a product designed for riders looking for more sensation and an incredible glide.

Suitable for novice, sporty riders or advanced riders.

All eFoils come with:
  • Board
  • Motor & Propellers
  • Remote controller
  • Battery
  • Cooling system
  • Modular design

Type: Foil

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