Takuma CK Carbon Board

by: Takuma

Lightest and strongest board for foiling

With extreme comfort and control, the CK Carbon foil board range delivers an astonishing balance of stability, maneuverability, and speed. Perfect for wing foiling, wave & swell riding, high speed, light or strong wind, it can do it all.

Pulling together our in-depth experience and expertise in foil and wing board designs to create the ideal board which will suit most wingfoil riders’ needs. Whatever your level or riding conditions, the CK range works exceptionally.

Highly responsive

• Extremely comfortable underfoot

• The CK is a light and super stiff full carbon board design

• Produced using a more reliable mold process

• Delivering a fun, bouncy, and reactive ride 

Compact optimized volume

• With perfectly balanced volume distribution

• The CK boards are compact and shorter for more maneuverability

• The straighter rails deliver more speed and glide before take-off and minimize any drag 

Double concave hull

• Delivers an extremely smooth touch-down

• A natural rebound effect that absorbs impact even at high speed

• Designed for the best take-off

• The combination of the concave shape, channels, and cut-out tail work together to release the water faster without drag for an ultra-smooth and easy take-off 

Full Carbon construction

• Optimum stiffness for an engaged and predictable feeling with the board

• Improves touchdown response in the water and is significantly lighter 

Balanced volume distribution

• Intelligently divided volume for a uniform coverage

• Delivers the maximum comfort and smoothest of take-offs

• An increase of volume on the nose helps on take-off to keep the board at the right angle before and during the take-off

• No need to adjust foot positioning prior to taking off 

Multi-strap positioning

• Supplied with 3x pro foot straps for universal positioning options

Foil box reinforcement

• Reinforced foil box for a super rigid box insertion that is stronger and more robust

Universal hydrofoil mounting

• Provides an easy attachment for nearly all types of foil mounts


Volume: 35L / Length: 4’2’’ / Width: 19 5/16’’ / Thickness: 3 3/4’'

Volume: 50L  /  Length: 4’6’’ / Width: 21 1/4’’  /  Thickness:  4 3/8’’

Volume: 65L  /  Length: 5’0’’ / Width: 23 1/2’’  /  Thickness:  4 15/16’’

Volume: 80L  /  Length: 5’3’’ / Width: 25 3/8’’  /  Thickness:  5 3/16’’

Volume: 100L  /  Length: 5’6’’ / Width: 27 5/16’’  /  Thickness:  5 5/8’’

Volume: 120L  /  Length: 6'0"  / Width: 28 9/16"  /  Thickness:  6 1/8"

Type: Foil

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