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Designed and tested by Marcus Tardrew, Ben Tardrew, Daniel Juengling and James Casey

S Series Front Wing

Code Foil products are made to the absolute highest standards with the best materials available on the market. You will experience the among stiffest, best fitting and most solid connections in the industry. All components come with well-designed cases and all bolts required. Code has built a range of foils that is simple to understand. Each wing has the same profile, you only need to adjust the size based on your weight or ability. Available in 3 sizes to offer completely different characteristics to the rider’s quiver.  

  • The ultimate all round wing, beginner to advanced
  • Prone, Wing, SUP or even Downwind this foil excels in all disciplines of foiling.
  • Sharp radical turns or smooth flowing lines this foil will never let you down!
  • Suitable for all levels of rider

720S > SPAN: 830, AREA: 720cm2, A/R: 9.5

850S > SPAN: 900, AREA: 850cm2, A/R: 9.5

980S > SPAN: 965, AREA: 980cm2, A/R: 9.5

Designer Notes

The S Series is a wing for everybody and every discipline. We have designed this foil with a foil section that provides early smooth and predictable lift. With a mid to high aspect ratio and a high lift foil section the rider is able to use a smaller area foil to give more maneuverability, extreme glide and pumping efficiency to flow through turns and connect as many waves as you like. When pushed in the surf the wing tips will breach with ease and control and ride out of white water sections with confidence and stability under foot.

- Marcus, Ben, Dan and James


We are excited to release the 720S. This loose and surfy front wing offers high manoeuvrability. It’s been a go-to in the surf for our test riders over the last few months. The small size still offers a huge amount of lift with superior pump and glide for a wing of its size. For winging, this has proven to be incredible; offering tight turns in the pocket as well as lightning speed in the straight line. For the heavier rider this wing may not be the best option, not to say our bigger riders haven’t been enjoying it.


The 850s is designed to be an all round wing. This wing sits squarely in the middle of the range. It strikes a balance between early lift and dynamic surfability. For a mid-sized foil this wing offers superior glide and pump. Pair this with our new tails and fuselages to paint new lines in the water.


The 980S is the wing that moves Code Foils towards the beginner market. It’s the perfect front wing for the intermediate foiler, and works great for learners when teamed with the long fuse and the 158AR tail. The amount of lift provided by a front wing under 1000 square centimetres is really impressive and something we are proud of. It is great for those with a little bit of foiling knowledge that want to experience a foil that turns hard and surfs in all disciplines, be it downwind, prone or dinging. Experienced riders will really enjoy this wing in super small swells and light conditions.

All foil sets ship with the medium fuselage and 150AR stabilizer as recommended by the designers as the best all around combination. Larger or smaller tails and longer or shorter fuselages are available on request.

AR Series Tail Wings

Our tail range comes in 3 sizes, the 142AR, 150AR and the 158AR. These tails offer different characteristics but still feel really similar. The AR tail range offers superior glide balanced with great carving ability. 

  • The most versatile tail wings in our range suitable for all levels of rider
  • Fast and extremely efficient with excellent glide
  • Maneuverable with great carving ability

142AR > SPAN: 340mm, AREA: 142cm2, A/R: 8.5

150AR > SPAN: 360mm, AREA: 150cm2, A/R: 8.5

158AR > SPAN: 380mm, AREA: 158cm2, A/R: 8.5

Designer Notes

The AR Series tail is a wing for every level of foiler. We have designed this tail to feel smooth and predictable, giving the rider extreme confidence. This tail is at home in any discipline, carving, jumping or flowing down wind. The wings are designed and constructed to provide maximum stiffness with no compromise.

- Marcus, Ben, Dan and James


The 142AR is the little brother of the 150AR. This is incredibly loose. It is a tail for the more advanced rider when used with small front wings, but still offers variation to the foiling experience when paired with the larger 980S front wing. Definitely worth purchasing if you want a loose, fast and critical tail in your quiver whilst sacrificing only a little bit of glide.


The 150AR tail wing was designed as an all round tail wing. This wing sits in the middle of our range offering that perfect balance between surfability and glide. We recommend this wing for the intermediate to advanced rider. For beginners, or those that have less powerful conditions try our our 158AR.


The 158AR tail offers further stability to the setup. The larger size and area offer a solution for the beginner to intermediate market. During wing foil testing this wing has also been incredibly popular when paired with the 720S front wing and short fuse for a unique feel. It’s a solid go to tail for downwind conditions, offering stability in bigger swells. Prone surfers enjoy getting slightly more lift and glide in the pump out using this tail without compromising too much through their turns.


Code offers 3 lengths of fuselages to provide more versatility to our range. In addition to the medium, we have the ‘small’ and the ‘large’ fuse. These are 30mm shorter and longer than the medium respectively.  The small offers a higher cadence pump and even further manuevrability to the range, whereas the large fuselage offers greater pitch stability and is great for learning. A lot of downwind foilers love the large fuse as it offers further stability with a slower cadence pump. They offer the same unique joining system and tail mounting surface as our medium fuse. 

  • Our fuselage is designed for total stiffness and versatility in mind, giving you the ability to customise your setup with three different fuse lengths.
  • Add to this the ability to change your tail wing and to shim to suit your unique style and feel.
  • A unique joining system providing a join with zero movement!
  • Available in three lengths, small, medium and large depending on how you ride.
  • We've designed the tail mounting plate with m6 bolts, 30mm apart. Riders can mount their favourite tails to the code setup if they wish for more versatility and experimentation

Designer Notes

When designing our fuselage our main goals where strength, stiffness and absolutely zero movement in the joins. We also wanted the setup to be adaptable so we have made the fuse in 3 different lengths and provided the option to change tail wings simply and quickly to find the perfect setup for each rider.

- Marcus, Ben, Dan and James

High Modulus Mast

Code Foils Masts are tapered toward the bottom of the mast to increase glide and efficiency. 

  • All the Masts are constructed with high modulus carbon resulting in a stiff strong mast with no compromise.
  • Extended blend to base plate designed to give extra stiffness and a rock solid feeling under your feet giving maximum feedback to each pump and turn.
  • Tapered towards the bottom of the mast to increase glide and efficiency
  • Available in 75cm and 85cm lengths

Designer Notes

For the mast design we really wanted to prioritize stiffness and predictability. We did this through extending blends and making a deep mast to fuse connection eliminating any unwanted movement. Combined with a very efficient foil section this mast gives maximum glide and pumps with no loss of energy from unwanted wobbles.

- Marcus, Ben, Dan and James

Type: Foil

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