Takuma Foil Masts and Parts

by: Takuma

Takuma Foil Masts and Parts offers many options to suit your needs.

The 2023 carbon mast features a stiff but resilient high modulus carbon shaft and base plate paired with the aluminum fuselage. This mast uses two m8 screws to attach the aluminum fuselage to the carbon mast and the mast uses m8 screws to attach to the board all for a more solid and flex free connection. The fuselage has an expanded collar to lock onto the mast and the front of the fuselage is split so when you tighten the first screw it expands and locks in the front wing.  The new fuselages also has improved helicoil threads for the rear wing.

The new aluminum HD 80cm mast features a thinner profile with longer chord for improved performance. It also incorporates the new split front fuselage and m8 screw connections.

Type: Foil

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