Moses W1000 Foil

by: Moses

Race-ready and made to face the competitors. The V107 1000 is designed in collaboration with World Champion Luuc Van Opzeeland and is built to be the highest performing windsurf race foil. Every part of this foil is designed to reduce drag and produce the best possible hydrodynamic performance. Each detail is precisely tuned to maximize the highest ratio speed/angle while avoiding ventilation. Providing superior stability and control even at the highest speed.

A racing specific design, geometry, and construction. The Vento 107-1000 is all about the top average speed around the course on all angles of sail. Its stability will permit you to focus on speed and tactics while racing. The W1000 front wing, with its 1,100 cm² area, adds lightwind performance keeping full control in higher wind. This is advanced racing performance, low drag and exceptional upwind ability combined with a stable and precise ride. Comes with choice of mast and 400 tail


• Mast construction: solid high modulus pre-preg carbon
• Fuselage construction: 6082 series aluminum-manganese alloy, deep anodized
• Wings construction: solid high modulus pre-preg carbon
• Front wingspan: 1000 mm
• Front wing area: 1100 cm²
• Fuselage length: 1150 mm
• Stabilizer span: 400 cm
• Stabilizer area: 207 cm²
• Weight: 4.9 kg

Type: Foil

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