Takuma Kujira II Foil Wing Sets

by: Takuma

Takuma introduces the new Kujira foil, inspired by humpback whales.  Click on images to enlarge for detailed information.

The name

Kujira is Japanese for whale. Takuma has some japanese roots, not only with the name of the brand, part of R&D is actually located in Japan. There is an element of biomimicry in the innovation and engineering process on the Kujira II foil, as it is fully inspired by humpback whales.

The design 

The Kujira foil was designed by Laurent Borgna, well known for having already shaken things up in the foiling world with his work on the LOL Profoil range, and Cyril Coste, Takuma founder. It is inspired by the pectoral fin of humpback whales, who are known for their agility, power and efficiency. 

The efficiency of humpback whales is due, amongst other things, to their pectoral fins. The mechanics of it is basically to create lift by generating swirls. This also creates velocity while maintaining control, which is specific to this type of whale. This is what Takuma wanted to implement into this foil and managed to do it by reproducing and adding whale-like bumps to the design. After a number of prototypes, modifications and adjustments of the shape and profile of the bumps, computer simulations, and hours of testing in all conditions, there was a clear, big improvement in terms of glide, lift and comfort in our foils. 

The signature LOL upturned winglets are also found on the Kujira. It is really the same concept as in aeronautics: it feels more comfortable and reassuring to navigate, and it saves on kerosene. Using winglets on a hydrofoil will make it more efficient in terms of glide, lift and will give extra comfort while foiling.

All foilers can immediately feel the benefits of the Kujira foil and improve their foiling, especially their pumping.


The Kujira is a very well rounded foil for surf. wing and downwind foiling.


Click on the images to see the new sizes and front-back wing combinations. Across the range the shape remains the same so it is easy to transition between sizes.


The Kujira II comes with a new redesigned fuselage with tighter tolerances and solid no wiggle connections.

Type: Foil

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