Takuma Tanji Wing

by: Takuma

When wing foiling expertise and unique design merge.

The Tanji wing is heavily inspired by the Japanese culture and the perfect fit for riders who are looking for playfulness in a wing.


The Tanji wing is the ultimate wing for going up and down wind with minimum effort. The light feel makes it easy to handle for beginners and incredibly fun to do tricks with for advanced riders.

• Smooth, controlled power

• Constant drive with a solid pull

• Strong, reactive back hand pressure

• Extremely maneuverable & enhanced visibility

Angular carbon handles

Takuma’s signature lightweight, ultra-stiff, carbon fiber handles offer a very direct connection to the wing. The raised angle of the front handle offers a perfect wrist position for more comfort and maneuverability.

• Angular for an ergonomic riding position

• Quik response steering

• Extremely comfortable, anti-arm fatigue

Multi-panel canopy

Tanji’s design is not only visually unique but provides the wing with outstanding endurance. The unique squared fabric composition constructed out of multi-panel canopy provides the wing with distinctive features.

• Increased resistance against stretching

• Augmented wing durability

• Added trailing edge battens for extra tension and improved reactiveness

Compact elliptical outline

Delivers a consistent drive combined with direct feel and more responsive handling.

• Very stable

• Direct control

• During flight it feels like it has more power than other wings of similar size

Transparent panels

Centralized windows for improved visibility.
The windows are a truly handy addition. It is great to see what is straight down wind of you without having to lift the wing over you head.

• Centralized windows for improved visibility

    Type: Foil

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