Armstrong Foils

by: Armstrong

Why Choose an Armstrong Foil?

  • Foil Kits come with front and back wings, 60cm long fuselage (option for 70cm available), 72cm plate mount mast with titanium mounting hardware, individual bags for each component and master carry bag, Torx screw tool, all mounting hardware, and tail shim options.
  • Designed to last a lifetime. Industry leading ZERO Corrosion Titanium and Stainless Steel 316L fittings.
  • Multi Sport Performance for Surf + Kite + SUP + Wake + Downwind + Tow + Windsurf.
  • Consistent epic ride. Quality high-modulus and Aramid fiber materials deliver ultimate strength to weight ratio and unparalleled flex response.
  • Built to last. Unique unbreakable Titanium core fuselage.
  • Full 12 month warranty. Millimeter precision manufacturing throughout.
  • Future proof. Modular design makes it the easiest foil to learn on and progression to pro level.
  • Improved safety. Masts and wings have rounded edges and corners.
  • New HS wing models with thinner profile for faster and looser performance with easier pumping.
  • New HA wing models take performance speed and glide to the next level! HA wing kits come with an 85cm mast.

The Benchmark in Quality + Reliability + Function.

Type: Foil

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